Our state of the art Gymnasium is located on the 2nd floor, with panoramic views of Croagh Patrick and the town of Castlebar. It is equipped with a complete range of fully computerised cardio-vascular equipment which includes treadmills, steppers, rowers, water rowers, upright and recumbent bikes and cross trainers, all easy to use and suited to every individuals needs.Just this year we have started an upgrade on our cardiovascular range with 3 new treadmills and brand new to our layout is the Wattbike Pro , ideal for any cycling enthusiast . Our extended gymnasium now contains a resistance and rehabilitation area , complete with changing rooms for people using the gym only. Dr. Wolff equipment and Hur Air Resistance equipment are ideal for people who are getting back to exercise . The equipment is easy to access , easy to control and weight can be 0-100kg and every number in between . We have brought our free weight area to a new level, adding the latest range of dual cable pulling system which can be adjusted to target any specific muscle ensuring that you get a fully balanced workout.Newly added dip station and landmine will add to any workout . For the hardcore weights enthusiasts we have installed an Olympic Power Rack which has a built in platform for clients needing a second person to ‘spot’ when lifting to their maximum and it also has a range of handgrips for performing chin-ups, each one targeting a different area of the back muscle group. Various olympic bars and bumper plates means you wont have to wait long . PHASE 2 OF OUR CARDIO UPGRADE IS DUE IN LATE SEPT 2018


Spin Bike
Cross trainers
WattBike Pro

cl 8-380

Dr Wolf Core System

Sit Up
Straight Leg/Reverse curl
Back Extension
Side bends
Donkey Kick

cl 12-380

Hur Air Resistance Machines

Leg Extension/Leg Curl
Chest press
Abdominal Curl/Back Extension

Free Weight Section

Hammer strength Rack – 2x 8ft Olympic bars/ 2x5ft Olympic bars / 2xEZ bars /Hex bar
Bumper Plates various 2.5kg/5kg/10kg/10kg/15kg/20kg
Smith Machine
Various weighted bars -10kg+
Various Hex dumbbell sets – 50kg max
Preacher Curl
Decline bench / Flat bench /2x Flat to Incline bench
Landmine attachment
Dip Station

cl 11-380

Resistance Machines

Leg Press
Leg Extension
Leg Curl
Pec Deck
Seated Latt Pull-down
Shoulder Press
Chest Press
Seated Row
Double multi cable
Single multi cable