CLC offers the full leisure centre experience . On the first floor you will find a 15m pool , sauna , steam room and jacuzzi. Additionally you can find a bright and airy fitness studio , fully equipped for all your class needs.
On the second floor is the gym .

The gym caters for all levels of fitness. A substantial cardio and free weights areas including a hammer strength rack will keep any avid gym goer busy . For the person just getting back to fitness there is Hur Air resistance machines. A group of machines that work with air pressure , very easy to get in and out of , & even easier to use . Great for injuries , older adults and disabilities.

15m PoolSauna
Steam RoomJacuzzi

Spin Bike
Cross trainers
Dr Wolf Core System
Sit Up
Straight Leg/Reverse curl
Back Extension
Side bends
Donkey Kick
Free Weight Section
Hammer strength Rack – 2 x 8ft Olympic bars/2 x 5ft Olympic bars /2 x EZ bars / Hex bar
Smith Machine
Various weighted bars -10kg+
Various dumbbell sets – 50kg max
Preacher Curl
Decline bench / Flat bench / 2 x Incline to flat
Resistance Machines
Leg Press
Leg Extension
Leg Curl
Pec Deck
Seated Latt Pull-down
Shoulder Press
Chest Press
Seated Row
Double multi cable
Single multi cable
Hur Air Resistance Machines
Leg Extension/Leg Curl
Chest press
Abdominal Curl/Back Extension